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About Fordacal...Fordacal is a functional calcium carbonate extender from Francis Flower, used in a huge range of applications. With six, high brightness fillers, ranging in size from 8 to 150 microns, the Fordacal range provides functional fillers for use in formulations requiring either elevated brightness or high chemical purity, such as coatings, sealants, adhesives and plastic applications.

All raw material used for the Fordacal range is recycled product, having been made from marble offcuts from dimension stone cutting in Northern Italy. Francis Flower does not use any virgin rock to produce the Fordacal range and is certified as being made from 100% recycled product. Find out about Fordacal.

About Flowdol...Flowdol utilises dolomite to produce a range of exceptionally white, pure calcium magnesium fillers and extenders. Thanks to its low iron content, and strictly controlled particle size, Flowdol products are suitable for applications requiring raw material purity and a high level of whiteness; be it in the glass, construction or paint industries. Find out about Flowdol.

About us...Fordacal and Flowdol are manufactured by Francis Flower, which was acquired in December 2018 by LKAB Minerals. The company was originally formed in 1953 and has developed a profile as a sustainable minerals company that makes the most out of resources.

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