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Our marble and dolomite powders can be used in a range of applications across a wide range of industries.

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Fordacal & Flowdol in paintOur range of calcium carbonate extenders is manufactured in the UK from a pure and sustainable deposit in the North of Italy. This raw crystalline calcium carbonate is also extremely white. Our plant in Somerset processes several different particle sizes that offer many advantages in paint systems, such as extending Titanium Dioxide or reducing sheen.

Fordacal in food & pharmaceutical productsThe calcium carbonate content of Fordacal extenders is in excess of 98%, which makes the material ideal for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our plant in the UK has category A approval from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to manufacture products suitable for food additives. 

Fordacal & Flowdol in plasticsOur mineral extenders can be used as a cheaper alternative to polymer in a number of thermoplastic resins. The calcium carbonate content offers a range of benefits, including helping to decrease surface energy, improving opacity and surface gloss, and improving thermo conductivity to help reduce energy and increase output.

Our marble grades have high brightness and purity, which make them an ideal mineral extender alongside Titanium Dioxide, allowing for reduced Titanium Dioxide levels while maintaining brightness. The Fordacal range is classified as recycled product, helping you to achieve compliance with sustainable or eco products.

The grades in our range allow us to offer customer specific solutions, and we have the capacity to tailor grades to specific customer requirements, often allowing for technical improvements which ultimately lead to a reduction in formulation costs.

Fordacal in drilling mudsThe Calcium Carbonate content of Fordacal fillers and extenders is in excess of 98%. Sourced from a pure deposit in North Italy, and then manufactured in the UK, our material is suitable for many applications in drilling muds where purity is absolutely paramount.

Our plant in Somerset has capacity to manufacture a wide range of different particle sizes, all in the same high purity crystalline calcium carbonate. This offers mud chemists the option of optimising muds for loss circulation and for well capping.

Fordacal & Flowdol in sealants & adhesivesOur mineral extenders offer both cost benefits and technical solutions. Our grades can be used to influence sagging and shrinkage, and to alter viscosity.

Our product grades that offer low oil absorption, and low surface area, are used to increase loadings while maintaining viscosity. Our ability to offer blended products that maximise packing density, whilst still maintaining high brightness, mean our products are widely used in white applications. Our marble and dolomite products work particularly well in conjunction with Titanium Dioxide. With a number of particle sizes available, we can work with you to find the optimum solution for your requirements.

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