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Pure, white magnesium fillers and extenders. Using dolomite from Southern Spain, the Flowdol range provides some of the whitest and purest materials currently available on the market.

Its particularly low iron content makes it suitable for applications requiring raw material purity, such as in the glass industry, whilst its whiteness and tightly controlled particle size make the products very suitable as extenders and fillers in the construction and paint industries.

Flowdol products are manufactured at our site in Gurney Slade, Somerset, using a state-of-the-art mill to produce Flowdol 25 and Flowdol 50 with a mean particle size of 25 microns and 50 microns respectively. 

Both Flowdol products are available to collect from our plant in Somerset in either bulk loads, 1,000kg bags, or 25kg sacks.

The Flowdol range can be used as a filler or extender in a wide range of final products including paint, plastics, sealants and adhesives.

Product information:

  50% Passing Microns 99% Passing Microns
Flowdol 50 50 425
Flowdol 25 25 128

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity Hardness MOH's Scale Moisture Brightness (CIE)
2.85 3.5 0.3% MAX 85% Mins

Download the Flowdol Safety Data Sheet

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